Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Northwest Arkansas Snow 2011

After a short week of school due to a holiday and snow days, having a full 5-day week made the last week of January seem very long. Just as we were preparing to get back into a routine, however, another round of winter weather hit for the first week of February.

The timing of this storm fit our weather pattern for the past two years. An ice storm caused a lot of damage with power outages the last week of January in 2009, and a snow storm hit the first week or so of February in 2010. The forecast of sleet and ice to start off this storm made everyone a bit nervous. In our case, we had escaped to Little Rock when we lost power during the 2009 ice storm, but with this system central Arkansas was expecting bad weather, too, so we would have been in trouble if we had lost power again.

As predicted, we started off with sleet and freezing rain, followed by snow. The slick roads meant more snow days, but we didn't lose power. In all, we wound up with about 4-5 inches of snow over about .25" of ice in Fayetteville.
Sometime during the warmer days before the snow, Shawn decided the football belonged in the tree.

The warm weather also caused Tyler's tree to start budding. The new buds were coated in ice in the storm.

We only spent a short time outside, because this storm was followed by frigid cold temperatures. We were thankful to stay warm and cozy inside, playing a lot of video games and (in my case) getting some rest.

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