Monday, April 11, 2011

Pugs in the 'Hood

We had an adventure this morning as we were headed to school. It happens to be testing week for Tyler, so it was important he get good rest, eat a good breakfast, and get to school on time. We did manage to mostly accomplish this, but had some interesting moments along the way.

It was a stormy night last night, with thunder and lightning waking us up throughout the night. It was very wet and muddy this morning, so that when Tyler took the dogs out for their morning "elimination" only Roly joined him--it was too wet for finicky Tucker, apparently. When Shawn opened the door to join Tyler, even Roly ran back inside, so they didn't spend much time out at all.

After everyone was dressed and we were ready to go, I prepared for my little ritual of taking the dogs out one more time. Only I couldn't find the dogs. Tucker often creeps under our bed or behind the living room chair and falls asleep, then can't hear us since he's lost his hearing, so I was less concerned about Tucker. Roly is never so quiet I can't hunt him down, though--even when he's trying to hide, his snuffles and snorts are like a beacon. This morning, however, he was nowhere to be found. I asked Shawn to look under our bed, but it was dark under there, and he was suddenly too afraid of the dark to look. Since I wasn't able to hear Roly, I didn't really think he was under the bed anyway, so I let that one slide. I left the boys to continue looking and took my things out to the car.

As I turned around from the car door, I found the dogs. They had somehow gotten out of the house and were having a grand time down the street. Not only that, our next-door-neighbor's pug, Arlo, had also escaped and joined our two for a full neighborhood pug adventure! Tails were curled and tongues were out as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

They all made it back into our yard, then decided to make sure they knew each other. It became a pug-go-round, with rear-end sniffs by all while walking in circles. They were filthy, wet, and loving it, even Mr. Tucker.

By this time it was definitely time to go, so we started herding our dogs into our house with the thought of taking Arlo to his yard next door. I didn't count on fast, distracted pug dogs. We finally got Tucker inside, but Roly and Arlo decided to chase one another around my car. First Roly chased Arlo, then Arlo managed to shift gears so he was chasing Roly. I don't think either cared; they were just having fun.

I finally got to Roly and managed to pick him up, holding the filthy pup at arm's length. I ushered him inside and had Tyler get him into the bedroom for the day. I expect he'll enjoy a nap after his adventure.

Sweet Arlo came to me when I called his name, and willingly followed me. He followed me until I hit his property. Since it was the neighbor's yard, I didn't want to invade, but was hoping to get him back safely inside his own fence. Somehow he must have known there would be trouble, because he wouldn't go near his fence.

Just then the oldest girl from next door rounded the corner at the rear of the house calling for Arlo. I was able to tell her where he was, so that she called her mom to go out front and get him. He was rounded up and taken inside. My favorite comment came from the mom, who told Arlo he wasn't a "free-range pup" and shouldn't be out! I don't think he listened.

Without time for doggie baths, our bedding will have to be washed tonight after this adventure. We never discovered exactly how they got out, either. Fortunately, I laughed about the whole thing rather than crying, and the boys thought it was hysterical. I expect to read a modified version in at least one of the boys' writings soon. I suppose if it gave them an adventure to write about it was worthwhile. We'll be extra careful about making sure the dogs aren't allowed out on their own in the future, though, regardless of the level of adventure.

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